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Louisiana School Turnaround Specialist Program

Preparing school principals to turnaround underachieving schools


The Louisiana School Turnaround Specialist (LSTS) Program is an 8(g) funded leadership development program designed to recruit, groom and build a cadre of school leaders prepared to turnaround chronically underperforming schools. Schools with an Academically Unacceptable Status (AUS) or Academic Assistance Status (AA) are eligible to participate in the program; with increased priority given to schools at the AUS1, AUS2 and AA levels and districts with a higher percentage of labeled schools. The LSTS Program utilizes best practices from education and business to strengthen the organizational and instructional leadership skills of currently certified and experienced principals through rigorous selection criteria, significant integrated field-based experiences, relevant coursework, and strong coordination with local schools and districts.

The program focuses on improving overall student achievement levels by engaging school leaders in an intense two-year executive leadership program and curriculum delivered by BESE approved Regional Providers through six consecutive semesters of program activities. In addition to providing the participating principals with training and support, school leadership teams and district-level staff members are engaged in the program at multiple levels over the two-year program period.  Working collaboratively, the principal and his or her team develop a comprehensive school turnaround plan that focuses on raising student achievement levels.

Participation in the program requires a three-year commitment from school principals and districts. Completion of the program components and implementation of the turnaround plan occurs during years one and two; with continued implementation of the plan during year three to sustain and further advance student achievement gains that have been obtained. Upon successful completion of the two year program and proof of gains in student achievement, principals will be eligible for the School Turnaround Specialist certification endorsement.


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Contact Information

Sheila Guidry
LSTS Program Administrator
Division of Educator Support and Evaluation
Human Capitol Office
Louisiana Department of Education
PO Box 94064
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9064
Phone: (225)342-3605
Fax: (225)342-7367